If you have tits and a vagina, Bitcoin isn’t for you

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NFT Paris is a crossworld between an art fair like Art Basel and the Paris Fashion week crystallizing both of the worst of these two worlds.
Remember that “crypto” companies are just wolves disguised as sheep and most of HR are cunts
From triple-A studios finally cracking contemporary consoles to the rise of games on blockchain, it’s going to be a big year.
The revolutionary digital currency that has taken the world by storm
It sounds like Mr Robot, but it’s definitely not!
My journey down the Music NFT rabbithole, catalyzed by a meme-master on TikTok
Even during a bear market Crypto Bros celebrate christmas!
Yes Beeple is overpriced, and most of his work is shit
Friends of Pooly is a community focused on Defending DeFi and an Open Web3. 
The Merge has been a success in several ways and there is more to come.
In the fashion industry, it’s not enough to just be pretty. You have to be smart, too.
I’m sorry. That’s the biggest thing. I fucked up, and should have done better.
In the near term crypto prices will fall, but the crypto markets are resilient. Within 6 months most of the negative impact from the FTX collapse will dissipate.
I’m not going to give Elon $8/month and neither do you thanks to web3!
It’s common that crypto peeps only talk about crypto, now they even have their own cards against humanity game, and it’s funnier than you think.
Holy spirit! Who could have expected Andre Cronje to come back so quickly from the dead?
The creepiest news of the week is brought to you by the CIA, the Mossad and MakerDAO.
Ye might be cuckoo but he can probably change Web3 in a way nobody will expect it. Or he’ll probably just launch a new dung like Tidal. I know what you are thinking. Another gossip article about Kanye, Ye, Yeezus or whatever the fuck his name is. Well, actually Ye but No.
Adobe finally embraced the NFT craze to help designers launch their JPEG collections.
With the recent allegations about new Sushiswap CEO, we are thinking that the crypto industry might have a severe fetish with horses
Talking about DAOs and smoking weed with other Web3 peeps for a week, welcome to MCON WORLD the summer camp for degens.
You’ve probably seen these terms used dozens of times. When we talk about cryptocurrencies, now we think of DeFi, but also more and more of CeFi. What do these acronyms stand for and which companies are the most promising in these sectors of the cryptocurrency economy?
Will financial inclusion come through cryptocurrencies? At least that’s what Celo believes. To do this, the blockchain platform makes crypto money exchanges accessible directly via smartphones. Given the attention paid to the project, including its DeFi for the People initiative, as well as its CELO crypto, we could be in for a little revolution!
It’s a term you’ve probably heard of if you’re interested in the world of cryptocurrencies. But what exactly is a DAO? We have prepared a small guide that details everything there is to know about these decentralized autonomous organizations.
Despite its young age, Avalanche is the 10th most popular crypto project. Perceived as a competitor to Ethereum, Avalanche (AVAX) is playing to its technical strength to make its mark in the blockchain world. Discover its history and characteristics!
Learn more about this protocol and follow our tutorial to lend or borrow cryptocurrencies via Aave!
Forget what you know about stablecoins! Today, we are going to discover the algorithmic stablecoins. If you love DeFi and are looking for a decentralized stablecoin at the highest level, open your eyes wide, here comes RAI and FRAX!
Don’t call it Matic Network anymore, but Polygon! Matic Network is a second layer scaling solution on the Ethereum network. Faster and above all less expensive, Matic comes to the rescue of Ethereum by making decentralized finance finally affordable.
Now that you know what a DAO is, you may want to jump in and create your own decentralized, self-governing organization. Here is our tutorial to create a CAD from scratch!
The downside of cryptocurrencies is their volatility. What if there were cryptos with a stable price? This is already the case with stablecoins. Operating via a blockchain, they stand out from other cryptocurrencies because of the stability of their price in relation to the asset they are backed by. In this first guide find out what a stablecoin is and how it works.
What if we were wrong with DeFi, the famous decentralized finance? Today, we are interested in ReFi, Regenerative Finance. A version of DeFi oriented towards the common good!
After several years of development, Arbitrum is officially launched. Over 150 projects have applied for early access to the development system.
In the layer 2 Ethereum family, we ask for Optimism! For a few days, it has been whispered that there could be an airdrop of Optimism… What does this scaling solution for Ethereum have in store for us? This is what we will see together.
Are you still looking for the right moves to grow your cryptocurrencies and put money away? Today we present to you, GoodGhosting a small protocol of the DeFi mixing both savings and gamification on the Polygon blockchain, and especially accessible to everyone!