John Dorian

It sounds like Mr Robot, but it’s definitely not!
Even during a bear market Crypto Bros celebrate christmas!
Yes Beeple is overpriced, and most of his work is shit
Friends of Pooly is a community focused on Defending DeFi and an Open Web3. 
I’m sorry. That’s the biggest thing. I fucked up, and should have done better.
I’m not going to give Elon $8/month and neither do you thanks to web3!
Holy spirit! Who could have expected Andre Cronje to come back so quickly from the dead?
Ye might be cuckoo but he can probably change Web3 in a way nobody will expect it. Or he’ll probably just launch a new dung like Tidal. I know what you are thinking. Another gossip article about Kanye, Ye, Yeezus or whatever the fuck his name is. Well, actually Ye but No.

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