Graphic designers in pain after Adobe released new features for NFTs

Adobe finally embraced the NFT craze to help designers launch their JPEG collections.

Adobe finally embraced the NFT craze to help designers launch their JPEG collections. This might trigger real designers but you have to make concessions to use Photoshop now. Web3 is taking over the world and you’d better be ready to master it!

Not gonna lie, every time someone from the editorial board gets approached by a shady NFT project we just want to set our laptops on fire and knock it down with a baseball bat while blasting Rings of Saturn in the office.

If you don’t use Photoshop, or you only master Gimp, you probably don’t need to go further, although you might need it for your personal culture, when you’ll go out with your boring ass arty friends or your amateur trader cousin Dave, looking for the next stock to buy.

For some reasons, that have probably nothing to do with greedy needs of retaining designers, Adobe have updated Photoshop including a new feature simply called Content Credential. Totally free, except if you’re a Pirate, you should probably need to find a new version of the software. Speaking of Pirate, if you download a cracked version of Photoshop from a shady blog, and you also have your wallets and private keys stored on the same computer, you will have a bad time. But this is none of my business, you little rascal.

In its description about Content Credital, Adobe stated: You can include an Ethereum wallet ID via Metamask with your content credentials. To add your wallet address to the feature, you need to be able to log in to your MetaMask account, which will confirm to others that you’re the one associated with the address.

After that, you can include your crypto address in your content credentials whenever you want. In NFT marketplaces, viewers and buyers can connect their address with their minted NFT as it enters the blockchain — showing proper creator attribution.

According to the Beta version of Content Credential, only Ethereum is supported yet, but some screenshots already show that Phantom for Solana and Temple for Tezos are on the way too. Not sure if this new feature is absolutely vital when designers are already able to integrate meta datas during their listing or developers in the smart contract. It looks more like a clickbait innovation to reassure designers that their wallet address is linked from the beginning to their JPEG. 

NFT photoshop adobe

Adobe Photoshop has already onboarded OpenSea, Rarible SuperRare and KnownOrigin in their development plans. Since OpenSea already allows degens to buy on Arbitrum, Avalanche, Polygon, Optimism and Solana and Rarible offers an exclusive access to Tezos, the vast majority of NFTs creators are now able to sell directly on their favorite marketplace.

I guess more freelancers will see an increase for NFTs demand even if the market is literally overly saturated. At some point it will help them to improve their knowledge of the system for next generation NFTs, which is probably better than only PFP JPEGs.

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