Photos from LEDGER OP3N annual Parisian convention

Future of France

The LEDGER OP3N bi-annual event took place in Paris, December 6th and 7h. This highly anticipated event brings together industry leaders, developers, and enthusiasts to discuss the latest developments and innovations in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

With keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, this is an event not to be missed for anyone interested in the future of finance and technology. Attendees had the chance to learn from experts, discover new projects, and explore potential partnerships and collaborations.

This year Ledger drop a massive announcement with the pre-sale of its new LEDGER STAX which will be released in spring 2023. Even if it’s basically a revival of the dead Ledger Blue, the new hardwallet offer an E ink screen to display your favorite JPEG and finally a touch screen.

ledger nano X
Ledger ft. Betty from Deadfellaz
ledger nano X deadfellaz
From left to right: Ledger Black-on-Black, Ledger x Deadfellaz, Ledger x WOW
ledger stax deadfellz
New Ledger STAX with a Deadfellaz NFT
Ledger stax
New Ledger STAX
ledger x fendi
From left to right: Ledger x gÿ, Ledger x Ballon d’Or, Ledger x Fendi case
panelists with betty
Ledger Op3n panel WEN WORLDS COLLIDE
panelists with alexandre arnault
Ledger op3n
Ledger Op3n

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