Shittiest Christmas gifts for Crypto Bros

Even during a bear market Crypto Bros celebrate christmas!

As the year comes to an end, Crypto Bros everywhere are gearing up for the holiday season. And what better way to celebrate the season of giving than with some killer crypto-themed gifts? Here is our top list of the worst crypto gifts you can offer this Christmas.

A Ledger bought on eBay

A Ledger for christmas is always a nice gift

For the beginner Crypto Bro in your life, why not start them off with a hardware wallet? These sleek devices allow them to safely store their cryptocurrencies offline, ensuring that their hard-earned digital assets are protected from hackers and thieves. The most popular options include the Ledger Nano S+ and Nano X.

Price: From $17.99 to $200.00, the cheaper the better!
Risk level: 10/10

A subscription to The New-York Times or The Block

For the more advanced Crypto Bro, a subscription to a premium cryptocurrency news outlet such as The NYT or The Block is the perfect gift. These publications offer in-depth analysis and expert insights into the world of crypto, helping them stay on top of the latest developments and trends in the space. LMAO

Price: From $0,5 per week
Misinformation level: 6/10

Gold platered bitcoin

Shiny coin for a shiny christmas

And for the ultimate Crypto Bro, why not splurge on a limited edition Bitcoin collectible? From physical Bitcoin coins and commemorative art prints, to collectible Ethereum trading cards, there are plenty of options to choose from that will appeal to even the most hardcore crypto enthusiast.

Price: From $3.95 on Amazon
Bad taste level: 4/10

A T-shirt with a crypto slogan

Because wearing your love for crypto on your chest is so last year.

Price: From $15.99 but bad taste is priceless.
Cringeness: 7/10

Beeple’s NFT


Because Beeple’s NFTs are overhyped and overvalued, and ugly AF.

Price: From 88 ETH
Expensiveness: 9/10

GPU mining rig

Want to take part in the Ethereum ecosystem? You can buy a GPU mining rig to decorate your bedroom or to mine ETC. Can also be used to play Minecraft.

Price: Depends on the GPU used.
Uselessness: 8/10

This holiday season, give the gift of crypto to your favorite Crypto Bro and help them take their passion for digital currencies to the next level. Happy holidays!

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