The Fantom of Andre Cronje is back to haunt you down

Holy spirit! Who could have expected Andre Cronje to come back so quickly from the dead?

Who the hell summoned Andre Cronje from the dead? The Fantom killer is back, don’t blink or you will probably be his next target.

Original founder of Yearn Finance and Fantom Foundation, Andre Cronje left the crypto industry earlier this year and basically argued that people were mostly chasing APY in DeFi and are mean.

The fact that Andre left Crypto Twitter and came back this way, certainly hide something bigger.

Cronje left Fantom in march 2022, letting down everything but mostly retail investors while the price of FTM was collapsing. As the Fantom Foundation stated, Andre wasn’t the only one working on the network. Which is true, but people tend to follow unquestioningly huge CT influencers.

Even if he didn’t really leave the crypto industry, according to his medium blog, his last article was published on october 25th, Andre disappeared from Twitter and major mainstream social media. 

In the meantime he also updated his Linkedin profile as Vice President of Memes at Fantom Foundation. Could we see any correlation with the recent buying of Twitter by daddy Musk? Probably not. His announcement quickly pumped the FTM price

Watch out, when the dead come back to life, the living have to worry.

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