Who framed Nikolai Mushegian?

The creepiest news of the week is brought to you by the CIA, the Mossad and MakerDAO.

This might be the creepiest story of crypto land this year. While you were all enjoying Halloween, Nikolai Mushegian, co-founder of MakerDAO’s stablecoin DAI and most recently RAI, was found dead on October 28th on a beach of San Juan in Puerto Rico. The man left an odd tweet accusing both CIA and Mossad of his upcoming death.

If all of this sounds pretty common, who could have imagined that the CIA and the Mossad would be involved in such crime. Or was it just a 30 years old paranoid programmer stuck in an idyllic country old dream?

I haven’t heard about Nikolai Mushegian and probably neither have you, before all this story came out this weekend. Nikolai is the CEO of DappHub, a well-known security researcher and a former core member of MakerDAO, one of the original developers of DAI, the collateralized stablecoin of the same protocol. He has also contributed to develop Bitshares, Balancer, Reflexer Finance stablecoin’s RAI and most recently Rico a free-floating collateralized stablecoin that he describes as “the spiritual successor to Dai and Rai, aiming to deliver the system as it was originally designed, without compromises”.

Now that we have our main protagonist and our set, we need a villain and a leitmotiv. In his last Tweet from October 28th Nikolai, stated that the CIA and the Mossad were running sex trafficking in Puerto Rico and his ex girlfriend was a spy

If this does not ring a bell to you, remember that John McAfee committed “suicide” in its jail in Barcelona last year, a couple of days before getting extradited to the US. The same man who said “If I suicide myself, I didnt. I was whackd”. In the case of Johnny he was a long time paranoid arguing that the CIA wanted his head. 

But what could have happened to Nikolai that both American and Israeli intelligence agencies wanted to suicide him so bad? We know for sure that he has significantly contributed to the development of the DAI stablecoin and was continuously working on disruptive stablecoins. 

Earlier this summer Nikolai Mushegian also known as @delete_shitcoin stated that the 3 options for him to die would most likely be being “suicided by the CIA“. Was it a prediction or a pure coincidence? If we dig up a little bit in Nikolai’s tweets we can find a series of scheming messages about extortion, blackmailing, the IRS and obviously the CIA. 

If we can find a parallel between Nikolai and John’s story, it’s their deep rejection towards the US government and their tax  administration. Both say that the American government just wants to tie up their population to keep it silenced and obedient.

Let’s not forget that 6 years ago Nikolai also helped to prevent a catastrophic attack on MakerDAO protocol due to the same loophole that led to tens of millions of dollars of Ether being extracted from “The DAO” and led to the hard-fork of Ethereum.

Speculations about his death are trending on Twitter and Reddit. If nothing can lead directly to a suicide, as Nikolai was found drowned on a beach, the motivations to kill a developper are more than unclear. Did he found evidence of sex trafficking in Puerto Rico? How? What about his ex-girlfriend? 

Nikolai’s last contribution was on October 26th to 3 private repositories on Github. Maybe the key to his murder is inside one of them.

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