Yes Beeple is overpriced, and most of his work is shit
In the fashion industry, it’s not enough to just be pretty. You have to be smart, too.
In the near term crypto prices will fall, but the crypto markets are resilient. Within 6 months most of the negative impact from the FTX collapse will dissipate.
Holy spirit! Who could have expected Andre Cronje to come back so quickly from the dead?
The creepiest news of the week is brought to you by the CIA, the Mossad and MakerDAO.
Ye might be cuckoo but he can probably change Web3 in a way nobody will expect it. Or he’ll probably just launch a new dung like Tidal. I know what you are thinking. Another gossip article about Kanye, Ye, Yeezus or whatever the fuck his name is. Well, actually Ye but No.
Adobe finally embraced the NFT craze to help designers launch their JPEG collections.
With the recent allegations about new Sushiswap CEO, we are thinking that the crypto industry might have a severe fetish with horses
Talking about DAOs and smoking weed with other Web3 peeps for a week, welcome to MCON WORLD the summer camp for degens.

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