From triple-A studios finally cracking contemporary consoles to the rise of games on blockchain, it’s going to be a big year.
Friends of Pooly is a community focused on Defending DeFi and an Open Web3. 
The Merge has been a success in several ways and there is more to come.
It’s common that crypto peeps only talk about crypto, now they even have their own cards against humanity game, and it’s funnier than you think.
Despite its young age, Avalanche is the 10th most popular crypto project. Perceived as a competitor to Ethereum, Avalanche (AVAX) is playing to its technical strength to make its mark in the blockchain world. Discover its history and characteristics!
Learn more about this protocol and follow our tutorial to lend or borrow cryptocurrencies via Aave!
Forget what you know about stablecoins! Today, we are going to discover the algorithmic stablecoins. If you love DeFi and are looking for a decentralized stablecoin at the highest level, open your eyes wide, here comes RAI and FRAX!

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