Commit Lab

The move to the Web3 ecosystem powered by native crypto experts and contributors.

Commit DAO offers a wide range of services for companies as well as for DAOs and start-ups. Need help? We have the solution.

PR & Marketing

Commit Lab is a web3-native consulting company based in Luxembourg with contributors all over the world. Whether you’re a DAO or a traditional business, we’ll help you capture the potential of decentralized finance. Need help with public relations? That’s why we’re here. On the other hand, if it’s to release an umpteenth collection of JPEGs, we don’t have time to fool around.

Web3 & advisor consulting

Our Web3 native consulting service is staffed by blockchain and crypto experts ready to help you slide down the white rabbit hole.

Commit Lab also works with companies to support them in the Web3 ecosystem. Our past and present clients are major players in a variety of industries: Luxury and high fashion, real estate, fintechs, adult entertainment (yes, X).

Education and learning

Whether you’re curious about crypto, intrigued by NFTs, or want to learn about the latest DeFi protocols, we’re here to lend a hand and help you along your Web3 journey. Our team has traveled the world to get the latest information at major conventions and conferences such as EthDenver, MCON, ETHCC, EthAmsterdam, LisCon, Solana Breakpoint, Avalanche Summit, Devconnect, NFC, NFT Paris and many more.

Creative Services

From audio and video production to graphics and design, our experts help you create and design NFTs, or powerful visuals. Commit DAO provides next generation visual services for Web3 native organizations. We are a team of professional designers who offer website designs, pitch deck designs, logos and branding.

Sponsorship & Advertising

Want to boost your brand with quality media? Say no more. We have several offerings, from podcasts, newsletters, native content, media sponsorship and more. We don’t do backlinks, don’t support online casinos and weird projects.