Crypto version of Cards Against Humanity is pure genius

It’s common that crypto peeps only talk about crypto, now they even have their own cards against humanity game, and it’s funnier than you think.

Do you know that degens also have a social life besides their computer? Sometimes they also meet other weirdos to do normal stuff like dining, or playing board games. To be honest I haven’t played the normie version of Cards against humanity, but the crypto one is ridiculously fun.

Cards against humanity is a popular open-source card game born ten years ago. It is basically composed of two kinds of cards, black and white. Black cards have sentences that you have to fill up with words written on white cards. What is the purpose of the game you may ask? Drop the wildest and savage punchline to make your friends laugh. Most of the time people play it as a drinking game. I guess alcohol helps in a way making stupid and trashy soundbite. Well actually yes but no. Competition matters, humor is an art. Here are my top techniques to master the crypto version of cards against humanity. 

Stay focus on the game 

Playing without drinking alcohol sounds boring to you? Are you fifteen or what? Keep your mind clear because your last two brain cells won’t be very useful if you are drunk like a pirate.  Yet you are still allowed for a beer or a glass of wine (red not white).

Keep an eye on other players

Ever played poker? For real, not the “friday evening party poker with friends”. Lady Gaga has released Poker face for a reason, so be smart and don’t let other players know your next move. Sunglasses might be too much, but you can use a facemask and pretend to be sick. 

Don’t use your trump card on a sudden impulse

Obviously you want to drop your best card to assert dominance earlier in the game. Can understand, but don’t, you might lose a better opportunity after? I remember having Do Kwon which was one of the best cards in the game regarding the recent shitshow about him being on the run. Yet, I don’t know how, but someone dropped the Ruja Ignatova card. Rekt.

You play to win (playing for fun is for losers)

You play to win. No one gives a fuck if you are really enjoying the game or not, think like a champion and you will make the best punchline ever. Imagine for a second that you are Ricky Gervais at the Oscar and your frens is the audience. What are you going to do? Acting chill and laid back or brutal and with a dark sense of humor? 

Never admit your defeat

First rule of sore loser, never admit that your defeat. Instead, question the sense of humor of your frens. In my case, the darker the humor, the funnier it is. The other players might not see this the same way, so try to negotiate. Sometimes they don’t get it in the first place (probably too technical for them…)

Newbies can win too

In the specific case where you or other players are not familiar with crypto, well I am glad to inform you that you have as many chances to win as other degens. In fact it might be easier for you, because you’ll probably make the dumbest combination possible, even if it doesn”t make any sense to you. Losing against someone who barely no shit about crypto is even more difficult to admit.


Curious how to get the game? Well unfortunately for you it was offered during Devcon Bogotà to visitors of the Ambire wallet booth. The good news is that you can print your own game as the cards against humanity as a creative common license. With all this shitshow in the crypto industry, additional cards would be more than appreciated. 

Top tier cards:

  1. Rainbow dildo (most powerful card)
  2. Do Kwon
  3. SBF
  4. Su zhu
  5. Matt Damon
  6. Crypto Queen

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