Why Everyone are Decking Out Their Laptops with Crypto Stickers

Show me your laptop and I will tell you who you are

The phenomenon of laptop stickers has become quite popular amongst the tech-savvy community and has gained a lot of traction in recent years with the rise of crypto conventions like ETHDenver, ETHCC, Avalanche Summit, and other NFT conventions. Stickers have evolved beyond just being something that one uses to show support for their favorite protocol or coin and have become a means of self-identity.

So why do people attach stickers to their laptops? For starters, it allows them to display their interests, beliefs, and values in front of others. It is also seen as a way of creating a sense of belonging and identity with a particular group or community. By having stickers from a particular convention or event, people can show that they were a part of that community, and that they are proud of it.

But what do the stickers on your laptop say about your personality? Well, it is believed that people who have a lot of stickers on their laptops are more likely to be extroverted as well as open to new experiences and more creative.

It turns out that people who adorn their laptops with stickers from crypto conventions like ETHDenver, ETHCC, ETH Global, and others are not just expressing their love for blockchain technology, but also revealing a lot about their personality.

One of the most common types of stickers found on laptops nowadays represents different cryptos and blockchain events. The rise of blockchain technology has created a subculture of enthusiasts who attend conventions and events to learn more about this emerging technology. These individuals often sport stickers from various events as a badge of honor and a way to showcase their involvement in the industry.

Rule number one of sticker decoration: you always buy a case for your laptop. I have always been utterly shocked by people putting stickers on their $3000 MacBook Pro. Dude, you can’t do it. It’s like having sex with a total stranger and not wrapping your dick with a condom.

There are so many different materials for stickers that you cannot simply add them to your laptop: vinyl, epoxy, brushed aluminum, kraft paper, removable, or clear plastic. All of these materials have different kinds of stickiness and could be a real pain when it comes to removing them, especially the paper ones. Those little bastards get moldy, and you have to use rubbing alcohol to remove them. So if you plan to add one to your laptop you’ve been warned!

Firstly, it is important to understand why people put stickers on their laptops. Stickers are a means of self-expression and personalizing. They allow individuals to demonstrate their interests, beliefs, and affiliations to the world around them. Stickers can also serve as conversation starters and can help individuals connect with others who share similar interests.

The messy

Definitely a pizza lover

Lots of good stickers, but boy, what the hell. Stickers are pure form of art how do you cover one with another. What kind of twisted mind does that? Laptop stickers are more than just decorations – they’re a statement of someone’s identity as a crypto enthusiast.

What his laptop says: His laptop is covered in a chaotic mix of crypto stickers, from classic BAYC to more weird projects like PizzaDAO and a bunch of NFT. There’s no rhyme or reason to the placement of the stickers, and some are even overlapping or partially torn off. This messiness represents the ever-evolving nature of the blockchain industry – it’s always changing and adapting, just like his collection of stickers.

The Chaotic Neutral

Absolutely barbaric.

What his laptop says: We are entering what I call the chaotic neutral stickers collector. It’s a solid mix of shitcoins, with legit companies such as Ledger and radical left. If this headline was “roast me”, I would say that your computer might reflect your bag, probably rekt. His laptop is covered with antifa and crypto stickers, including the Dogecoin logo, and the Bernie meme. These stickers are quite interconnected, representing his belief in the power of decentralized technology to promote social justice and equality.

Indescriptible, you do not ever put stickers where your hands are.

But honestly who put stickers on his keyboard?

The Real Degen

Looks like this smartphone case needs to retire.

What his smartphone says: Probably a man of focus, commitment and sheer fucking will.

The Collector

Case crypto stickers
My old broken laptop case.

I used to have this case for the past 2 years until it started collapse. I have always been a collector og gud stickers. From shiny ones, prismatic, or holographic.

What the laptop says: This laptop is covered in a carefully curated collection of crypto stickers, ranging from well-known projects like CowSwap, Aave or QiDao to top tiers conventions such as Devconnect, Liscon or ETHDenver. I’m particularly proud of his collection of exchange stickers, which I see as a symbol of my dedication in the industry.

My new laptop case.

There’s enough empty space to add stickers from the next summer big conventions.

The minimalist

Only a dev can do that.

What his laptop says: His laptop is covered in a small collection of minimalist crypto stickers, including the Ethereum logo, and a few projects. The stickers are carefully placed in a symmetrical pattern, with each one perfectly aligned with the others. This laptop is a reflection of a minimalist approach to life and a dedication to the technical details of the cryptocurrency industry.

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